Launch Your Membership Site in 30 Days

Setting up your own membership site isn’t as easy as you thought.

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By now, you’ve read about a bewildering array of membership plugins, payment gateways and billing solutions, WordPress themes, pagebuilders, SEO plugins, social media tools, and other ninja weapons. There are so many options, it’s difficult to know where to begin. And you know that choosing the wrong tech could cost you thousands of dollars in lost time and membership sales.

It’s as if you need to magically get elite tech ninja skills overnight, just so you can offer paid subscriptions to your great educational content!

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In very short time from now, the Marketing Ninja Academy will launch its assault on the evils of the membership web.

Its secret weapon: the Ultimate Membership Stack.

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Imagine having the confidence that you have everything you need to get your content online, and start selling memberships right away.

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Earlybird pricing is set at just $500 for a DIY members site, plus the Membership Ninja Training Program.

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